Our Story


Who are we?


Welcome to Hammer and Heart. We are beyond thrilled you are checking out our site! When I say we, I mean me, Katie. This business is the result of countless hours of hard work and pure passion. Created by someone who loves fashion. For those who share the same affection! 


What we are about.

 Hammer and Heart is here to bring you the latest trends in fashion, at the most affordable price. And best of all, everything is made here in the USA. The clothes are specially sourced and quality assured. Our jewelry is handmade. We believe in supporting small businesses and growing our domestic economy.


Who am I? 



Let me start by telling you a little bit about my background. I decided to pursue my passion and study fashion design at Cazenovia College. There I learned how to design, illustrate, pattern make and how to bring my ideas to life. After graduating, I did the expected and moved to New York City to worked freelance at a company specializing in leather accessories. I did enjoy parts of this job, but I always wondered to myself, why am I sending all these designs overseas to be made? And that made me think about the bigger picture and things I would like to see changed in the fashion industry. 

Currently, I'm working in "Corporate America" as an Executive Assistant. I started Hammer & Heart as a creative outlet and to grow as a designer/artist. This is a journey. And as I work to build it, I'm learning more about myself and the changes I would like to see in the fashion world. 


I source every piece of clothing to ensure a high quality garment and that it is made here in the U.S.A. I'm looking forward to expanding on this idea by working with domestic/local designers to expand our selection and bring you clothing you can feel good about wearing! I design and make all the jewelry currently featured on Hammer & Heart. Everything is made by hand in my home. I was introduced to jewelry making/metal-smithing in college. I'm excited to work on these skills to bring you amazing pieces to accessories your outfit with!

If you have any questions, comments or would like to collaborate, please email me at info@hammerandheartboutique.com 





 I also want to take the time to invite you to join this adventure with me. I have created a live, up to date blog detailing the life and week to week struggles/successes of Hammer and Heart. This business is my blood, sweat and tears. I would love to hear from you! Email, tweets, Facebook, and/or Instagram post are awesome and I will personally respond. Or if you have a question, just give me a call!